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Shoes are stories we all walk around in, and every purchase is a story we tell ourselves and others.
They are witnesses to every moment in life that matters.
Every day, we step inside them, they take us out the door and back home.

Connection First

With every step, shoes connect us to the ground. They connect us to our day at the most basic level.But what if they could also connect you to those you care about the most?

Your People

What if the pair you wore was directly and uniquely connected to a pair worn by someone you cared about, or to a group of people you are close to?What if the only way to own a pair of shoes was to buy them for someone else too?- Maybe your best friend is moving to a new city, and you want them to know that you are thinking of them on this new adventure.
- Maybe you need to start that conversation with your mom, and you need a way for her to step into your shoes for a minute.
- Maybe you simply want to tell someone that you appreciate them.

Empathy Shoes

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Each pair is handcrafted in Italy, from the finest Italian leather. These shoes are for life.

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